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Review by Charles Parker on Anna Chaplaincy (a BRF Ministry)

‘Your Last Gift’ – distils professional advice the author’s been giving for a lifetime. A practical guide to getting your affairs in order before your inevitable demise. It tells you what you should do now in order to make it as easy as possible for those you leave behind to sort out your affairs. As the title implies, it is a generous gift to your nearest and dearest.


The book demonstrates Matthew’s great understanding of the legal, practical and emotional aspects of death and bereavement …. I highly recommend Your Last Gift to readers who want to take steps now that will be of great help to their loved ones.”  This review appeared in the July edition of Land & Business, the member magazine of the Country Land & Business Association (CLA).


Published in The Law Society Gazette on 8 May 2023,
“This compact and very readable book is described as being ‘about as useful as a book can be’ by no less a luminary than Stephen Fry – and I would certainly agree …. I liked the practical aspect of the book. Purchasing it provides access to the secure part of the website. This contains accessible and adaptable forms and checklists to support the book’s guidance.

Interview With Matthew on BBC Radio Norfolk

Featured in the Eastern Daily Press

“If it is true that nothing is certain except death and taxes then Matthew is probably the perfect person to write this book…. It is not just a manual and a collection of to-do lists. There are personal anecdotes, pertinent quotes and cartoons and Matthew deliberately begins by discussing people ahead of possessions…. The book is a short but comprehensive journey from who should be told first to how you want to be remembered. “I don’t think that there’s a book quite like this,” said Matthew. Celebrities including Stephen Fry and Rupert Everett agree.”

The Norfolk and Norwich Christian community website

Review by Keith Morris from Network Norfolk

“ … practical help is now close at hand in this short but incredibly useful book, which is dotted with light-hearted quotes about death to lighten the mood but packed with facts and more facts on what to do and how to go about it when somebody dies. Chock full of practical advice … This is very much a call-to-action book to start the process of bringing all the vital facts and figures about your own life into one very handy spreadsheet, which is supplied along with the book …. I have started filling out the spreadsheet already.”