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Frequently Asked Questions


In what versions can I buy the Book?
The hardback is available from Amazon @ £19.99, either through the website under Buy the Book or direct from Amazon. The digital version is available on this website @ £9.99 by clicking here. Once you have purchased the digital version you will find that you have a choice of formats, whether single-page or two-page, as you prefer. We suggest that single pages are optimal for viewing on portrait devices, whereas two-page layouts are preferable for larger tablets or computer monitors. Alternatively, you can download the pdf onto your own Kindle device using the following guide – Click here

The Digital Lists/Forms in the Appendix

What is the point of the digital lists/forms?
The fact that these are digital carries three advantages:

  • You can adapt the content of each of the seven forms (including the Critical Checklist and the Comprehensive Checklist) by deleting bits that are not relevant to you, by supplementing them with other details and by adding to and reducing the width of the various cells.
  • You then have a record on your computer which you can fill in and return to from time to time and keep updated through regular review.
  • You can always print out all or any of the lists or forms for safekeeping (see below). However, you may decide that you can achieve greater security from having the information locked away on a computer, accessible only through a password.

Can I change the password?
The password can be changed once you have opened the file from within Excel. Please use the following Microsoft resource which will provide the appropriate instructions acording to the version of the software you are using – Click here

How do I keep my records secure and yet ensure that my ‘nearest and dearest’ can easily access the information in case of my death?
If you choose to print out any or all of the lists/forms, do ensure that they are put away in a secure place, eg a safe or held by your solicitor with your Will – and tell this to your nearest and dearest. Alternatively, if retained only on your computer, be sure to tell them of how to get into the computer and what the password is.

Completing your information into the forms

This section provides some very basic information about how to use the forms. The xls file enables you to use a standard spreadsheet format for creating your master files of information. Many people will already have some experience with this type of spreadsheet, but if you are unsure of how to use a file like this, then this (Microsoft) guide may be of some use – Click here The Microsoft guide will also give you help on printing.

How do I edit the content of a particular box?
Clicking on the box, you will find that the content appears at the top of the page as a single continuous line. It is that you should edit. The return button will then transfer the edited text into the box.

Can I add more rows (cells)?
Yes indeed. Typically, you will want to do this under for example Critical Checklist, who to tell of the death, and under People to Contact, the first category of family and friends. This flexible spreadsheet is designed to enable you to add the number of rows and cells you need to meet your requirements.


How can I adapt the digital forms to my own circumstances?
A You can both delete a particular section or series of boxes or cells (where not applicable to you) and add to them. To do this, you should activate the relevant cells or cells and then click on ‘Wrap Text’ (which you will find in the ‘Home’ ribbon). Then, any text which extends beyond the right hand edge of the cell will wrap automatically to the next row, enabling you to add further information.