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“Bravo. This is about as useful as a book can be.”

Stephen Fry
Actor, Writer and Presenter

“Bereavement is hard, whatever the circumstances, and the mountain of administration and practical matters that need to be dealt with by the family, at a time when they are least able to cope, can be overwhelming.  This Book is a useful tool for considering how one’s affairs can be left to make these tasks as straightforward as possible for those we love, therefore easing their grief journey.”

Yvonne Richmond Tulloch
CEO AtaLoss (leading UK bereavement signposting
and information website)

“I’ve wished frequently that there was a book I could recommend which contained all the information Matthew Hutton has assembled here with such accessible wisdom. His own professional background as a solicitor and tax advisor is evident, but it’s his pastoral experience as a priest which has animated this project and taken it into areas we tend to avoid. I thought initially this was a book to commend to others, but now I realize that I needed to read it for myself and to act on it. Your Last Gift will be a blessing to many.”

The Rt Revd Graham James
Former Bishop of Norwich

“Matthew’s book is a fascinating warning to those who can’t face the idea of death. As a retired solicitor and a vicar, his Book has a practical and a spiritual combination which is informative and soothing at the same time. I enjoyed it very much.”

Rupert Everett

“The only certainty in life is death. As a nation we prepare for many things, but rarely for death. Having worked in the funeral industry for over a decade, I have seen the devastation caused to families not only by grief, but also by the uncertainty of their loved one’s funeral wishes. Sorting out one’s affairs and ensuring this is documented, as Matthew’s Book proposes, is an act of love for those who are left behind and will enable them to grieve with the knowledge that they are fulfilling your wishes. Doing this won’t hasten your demise, but it will leave clarity.”

Lucy Coote
Community Ambassador, Rosedale Funeral Home

“Your Last Gift is an extremely readable and user-friendly book, packed full of useful information, but with a friendly and empathetic style which keeps it from feeling ‘academic’.  A highly recommended read for anyone thinking of putting their affairs in order.”

Alexandra Hornsby
Solicitor and Trust & Estate Practitioner,
Director, Howes Percival LLP

“Many people in the UK feel anxiety and fear when they contemplate their mortality, with a large number avoiding thinking about the prospect because they are fearful for the ones they will leave behind. This practical, straightforward, down-to-earth, informative yet humorous guide is an important read for anyone who wants to know how they might lessen the burden on loved ones upon their passing.”

Chine Macdonald

Writer, broadcaster and Director of Theos Think Tank


“We all want the last word – but this is the best ‘last word’ of the lot, and gives one a chance to leave this world having said everything necessary.”

Jonathan Ruffer
Chairman, Ruffer LLP

“Like soldiers on the front line, perhaps the Pandemic concentrated the mind of all of us about the issues of life and death. It is a truism that the only certainty in life is that one day we will die – the uncertainty is knowing when. For those who deeply love their family and friends, there can be no better legacy than to leave an unequivocal statement of what should happen to our affairs when we have died. Matthew Hutton’s book is an urgent stimulus to action and a clear guide to ensuring that the present passes to the future in the kindest way possible.”

General The Lord Dannatt GCB CBE MC DL
Former Chief of the General Staff

“This Book is an essential guide to surviving the administrative burden of grief. Matthew provides us with a sensible and practical approach for preparing for the inevitable with helpful signposts to guide you along the way. Be prepared to think deeply, to reflect openly and to act steadily as the following pages provide invaluable wisdom and knowledge, applicable to every person on planet Earth.”

Fiona Stuart
Partner at Ashtons Legal

“Preparing for Death is not a happy subject and one should not expect an easy read especially as the author is both a lawyer and a priest. Prepare to be surprised. This book is light hearted, anecdotal, amusing as well as being informative, factual, practical and useful. We have all got to die, the lesson of this book: Don’t make a mess of it. Sadly, most of us do.”

Lord Prior of Brampton
Former MP and former Chairman of the National Health Service

“Matthew has combined his consummate skills in the law and taxation with his training as a Minister to create a unique guide to what we should all do in advance of our inevitable death. Some of us have been immersed in tax planning all our life and my father brought me up to recognise the certainties of death and taxes. But to many it is an area left untouched until it is too late and not only practical difficulties arise, but too much is left to the Treasury and not to those whom you love. Everyone should have a copy.”

Mark Tufnell
Past President of  Country Land and Business Association

“Matthew’s Book beautifully prepares you for the most significant event in your life. Furthermore, it is easy to read and understand. I highly recommend it.”

Andrew Chance
Director of Events, Chance Organisation