New Revised 2nd Edition is out now!

Printed and spiral-bound edition of the checklists & forms

Matthew Hutton’s book is designed to help the bereaved to deal with all the practical “stuff” which has to be sorted out after a death, while at the same time they have to bear the devastating and intense burden of grief and loss. This ranges from looking after any children, dependent relatives or pets, telling family and friends (plus the professionals), organising the death certificate, managing the funeral arrangements and locating and implementing the provisions of the Will (if any) to dealing with digital assets through passwords, sorting and clearing the home and dealing with various layers of officialdom, quite apart from a mass of other things.

The detailed information and guidance in the book guides the reader to a series of Appendices, comprising two checklists and five forms, which are designed to be completed at any stage of life and then kept safely and updated from time to time. Originally provided in flexible digital form to purchasers of the book, for them to download and make their own, these are now being made available, alternatively, as a word document which can be downloaded from the website or, at additional cost, in this printed book.

There will be a week lead time on any purchases of the printed checklists & forms while we meet the current order demand. As soon as this settles down we will aim to speed up our processing of orders. The price of £12.99 includes delivery to all UK addresses. If you are interested in having your order shipped outside of the UK please get in touch before ordering.