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How are You Doing with Getting Your Affairs in Order?

The focus of my book ‘Your Last Gift – Getting Your Affairs in Order’ is a series of flexible downloadable Excel spreadsheets available from the website to which the purchaser is given a link. This is in the form of five Appendices to the book, as follows:
• Personal Details (Appendix 2)
• Important Documents – Whereabouts (Appendix 3)
• People to Contact (Appendix 4)
• List of Possessions (Appendix 5)
• Things to Know About my Home (Appendix 6)

Ahead of that however are two Checklists: first, the Critical Checklist with seven questions and then the Comprehensive Checklist with 22 sets of boxes to complete as you go along. Just in case it helps the headings are as follows (and you’ll spot the thinking behind the
content of my current series of Postings):

The Critical Checklist
1. Who to Tell of the Death
2. Guardians for minor children
3. Pets
4. Access to cash (joint accounts)
5. Passwords
6. Where is my Will?
7. Registering my death: where are my certificates which provide the necessary

The Comprehensive Checklist
1. My Will
2. Accessing and Implementing the Will and any Letters of Wishes
3. Obtaining the Death Certificate
4. Funeral Arrangements

5. Post-Death Notifications
6. Newspaper Announcements
7. Headstone/Memorial Stone
8. Records of Information
9. Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)
10. Medical Treatment
11. Dealing with House Contents
12. Organ Donation
13. Gifts
14. If I am involved in owning and/or running a business
15. Letters to Family and Friends
16. Relationships
17. Destruction of useless or sensitive papers etc
18. Memoirs
19. Inheritance Tax
20. Downsizing and decluttering
21. Places to Visit/Things to Do
22. Secure Storage

My Question: So, How ARE you doing in this whole area?

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